Nick Wilder

Boulder, Colorado

nicholaswilder at yahoo dot com

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I grew up in Charleston, SC, went James Island High, Haverford College (Physics), and the University of Utah (Bioengineering). I had a brief career in the biotech world before getting involved with web companies in 1997.

I was one of the creators of Webshots, and wrote the code for the first large photo sharing site in 1998, which was arguably the largest social network of the day.

After a few rounds of owning Webshots, and working for others who bought it, I co-created Mountain Project with Andy in 2005. I've also started 83 Degrees and The Start Project with Julie and Narendra, where we've created many web sites, including the critically acclaimed calendar 30 Boxes and our latest endevour, Message Bus.

I founded MTB Project in 2013 to bring mountain bike guides and maps into this millenium.

I spend most of my time writing code, kiteboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, telemark skiing, running, adventure racing, or eating indian food.

I live in Boulder with my wife Megan.

I've got accounts on every network out there, but only use a few:

MTB Project
Mountain Project